Young Creatives Program, Ongoing


Created by Alyssa Fearon in 2014, the Young Creatives Program (YCP) is a community-led initiative that cultivates the emerging contemporary art practices of racialized young artists living in Scarborough. We are committed to challenging systemic barriers and imagining new worlds through our work, where the participants and communities with which we engage are the drivers of the process.

Guiding questions of the YCP include: What issues are important to our community and how are they seen through the perspective of its youth? How can art allow us to envision and create our own realities?

The YCP fosters critical thinking skills and offers hands-on training in multi-disciplinary art methods, with a focus on film and photography. YCP programming is designed by Alyssa Fearon in collaboration with the artists-in-residence and youth participants.

Program partners: Charles Street Video, East Scarborough Storefront, Toronto International Film Festival and University of Toronto Doris McCarthy Gallery

2014 Artist-in-Residence: Liz George

2015 Artist-in-Residence: Thembani Mdluli

2016 Artist-in-Residence: Anique Jordan

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