Moderator, “Media Ideas Lab Interview with Cecilia Araneda,” Digital Fair, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba.

Speaker, “Collaborations Beyond the Art World,” First Fridays, Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art Winnipeg.


Speaker, “Curating the Black Student Experience,” Moderated Discussion and Q and A with Alyssa Fearon, Black Student Success Network, Durham College.

Moderator, “Curator Alyssa Fearon talks with artists Alyssa Bistonath and Bishara Elmi,” Nuit Talks, Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto Scarborough.

Moderator, “Transcending Margins,” with Randell Adjei and Anthony Gerbrehiwot and Members of CUE, Nuit Talks, Margin of Eras Gallery.

Panelist, “Artist and Curator Talk,” with Hiba Abdallah, Ontario Culture Days’ Youth Arts Ambassadors Program, Culture Days Ontario.

Panelist, "Living & Creating in Toronto," with a l l i e, Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs, and Chris Penrose. CONVENE volume 6, @free space.

Speaker, "Black Lives Rooted Podcast #11," with Andrew Hunter and Liz Ikiriko. Black Lives Rooted, University of Guelph and Art Gallery of Guelph.

Panelist, "Beyond the Core," with Amirali Alibhai, Head of Performing Arts at the Aga Khan Museum; Tad Michalek, artist; Dalton Higgins, author, music producer; and Susannah Bunce, Professor at the University of Toronto. Gladstone Hotel, Wavelength Music.


Panelist, "Venue Displacement, Adaptation, and Sustainability in the Arts." Ctrl + Shift #1, InterAccess.

Speaker, “Motels that matter: Why this Scarborough strip has a long history and a lot of stories,” as part of No Vacancy exhibition curated by Alyssa Fearon, CBC Metro Morning with Matt Galloway, CBC Radio.

Panelist, “Black Lunch Tables,” as part of exhibition Heather Hart: Northern Oracle, curated by Ann MacDonald, Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto Scarborough.

Panelist, “Vacancies in the Arts,” with Claire Hopkinson, Director and CEO of Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation and Heela Omarkhail, Manager of Community Partnerships, Daniels Corporation. Scarborough Arts, Myseum Intersections Festival.


Guest Lecturer, “Art and Business Management,” Grade 12 students, Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute.

Public Talk, “Local Arts and Equity,” with Margo Charlton, Research and Impact Manager of Toronto Arts Council, Terry Nicholson, Interim CEO of Museum of Contemporary Art, et al. International Week for the Elimination of Racism panel discussion, University of Toronto.


Panelist, “The Museum as an Active Site of Resistance.” Michaëlle Jean Foundation, Power of the Arts conference, Carleton University.

Panelist, “Transcending the Borders of the Museum.” Re-Defining Borders conference, Ontario Museum Association. (invited)


Guest Lecturer, “Socially Engaged Art Methods in Rapidly Expanding Cities.” Art, Politics and Society, 4th year undergraduate course, York University.